The hostile relations between christians and muslims in nigeria

Muslim and christian relations are in serious need of sustained dialogue to bridge religious and communal differences in a period of heightened political violence and persecution against religious. These points of consensus suggest some steps for the future in relations between christians and muslims but also express a sentiment or spirit for building a culture of dialogue between christians and muslims. The islamization of northern nigeria has increased tensions between the muslim majority and christian minority communities that were already divided along tribal lines. Yola, nigeria—incoming president muhammadu buhari’s pledge to defeat boko haram is facing an unexpected adversary: deadly violence between christians and muslims that has spread along with the. Religion and politics in nigeria roseline morenike oshewolo and borok andrew maren department of history and international studies, federal university, lokoja, kogi state, nigeria abstract the relationship between politics and religion is intimate because there is always a point of nigeria, islam and christianity islam and christianity are.

Conflict between christianity and muslim in nigeria conflict is a state of disagreement or argument between people, groups, countries, etc over a thing, opinion, belief, sentiment, feeling or impression. On one hand, since nigeria's independence in 1960, cooperative economic relations and amicable diplomatic relations have existed between the muslim leadership in nigeria and the united states on the other hand, there are expressions of anti-american attitudes among christians, especially in the 1990s. Demonstrations and clashes in lebanon in recent weeks reflect significant changes in the nature of muslim-christian relations in that country current developments increasingly involve alliances between important christian and muslim groups. In meetings with leaders of the christian association of nigeria (can) and jama’atu nasril islam, the national islamic umbrella organization, to discuss boko haram and isis-wa and reviewed efforts to improve relations between christians and muslims throughout the country in april the embassy sponsored a.

In northern nigeria, clashes between muslim groups—mainly ethnic hausa and fulani—and christian and traditionalist communities have become a monthly affair, with devastating consequences. Turning to mutual respect in interreligious relations, especially between christians and muslims, we are called to respect the religion of the other, its teachings, its symbols, its values particular respect is due to religious leaders and to places of worship. Lagos, nigeria — in 2006 i worked as an intern for a pharmacist at a state-run hospital in asaba, a town on the banks of the niger river, which loosely divides southern nigeria into east and west. The situation in nigeria has been steadily worsening over the past several months, as muslim militants attack agrarian christian communities with near impunity, murdering pregnant women, killing.

Religious conflict between muslims and christians in the country keywords : decision-making, ethnic conflict, religious conflict, government, shari’a law ethnic conflict between the muslims and christians in nigeria: the dilemma of decision‐making of political elites ray ikechukwu jacob, page 41‐59. Religion, family law, and recognition of identity in nigeria m christian green ∗ senior research fellow, center for the study of law and religion, emory university school of law the author would like to express her thanks to colleagues at the religion and world affairs working group at the social science research council and at the kroc institute for international peace studies at the. In a handful of countries, a third or more of christians say many or most muslims are hostile toward christians, and in a few countries a third or more of muslims say many or most christians are hostile toward muslims. Young people from european and arab countries took part in a workshop called the relationship between muslims and christians here is their report two days of lively discussions between young people from european and arab countries islam and christianity are both monotheistic religions, both. The relationship between christianity and islam poses a challenge for at least half of the 20 nations expected to have the world's largest populations by 2050 by present projections, three of these future mega-states – nigeria, ethiopia, and tanzania – will be almost equally divided between the two faiths.

Nigeria, the most populous african country (with a population of over 182 million in 2015), is nearly equally divided between christianity and islam, though the exact ratio is uncertain there is also a growing population of non-religious nigerians who accounted for the remaining 5 percent. Question: why do jews and arabs / muslims hate each other answer: first, it is important to understand that not all arabs are muslims, and not all muslims are arabs while a majority of arabs are muslims, there are many non-muslim arabs further, there are significantly more non-arab muslims in areas such as indonesia and malaysia than there are arab muslims. The dhimmi status seems to have been a changing one, in that laws were made and either broken or forgotten, and relations between christians and muslims obviously were dependent on individual whim and personal advantage as well as on what was stipulated by the law. The initial encounter between the religions of christianity and islam was the first crusade in 1095 the crusades were military campaigns issued by the christians to try and take back the holy land from the islams the christians ended up winning the holy land back in the first crusades the first one.

  • Pew research center’s new study on educational attainment among the world’s major religious groups finds a large gap between muslims and christians in sub-saharan africa, a region in which the population is projected to grow rapidly over the next few decades this gap has persisted for decades.
  • Muslims live in areas where there is a muslim majority christians where there is a christian majority so, the two groups lead separate lives, with little social contact it was not always like this.

More important, it is about our relationship with jesus christ—or absence of this relationship, sadly the difference between islam and christianity on religiously mixed marriages is simple islam allows muslim men to marry christian women, period it does not allow a christian man to marry a muslim woman. The problem of the complex relations between religion (din), the world (dunya) and the state (dawla) calls for greater dialogue, especially among christians and muslims living together in the same society. Relations between the muslim world and the west dominate the international news the events of 9/11, ongoing war in iraq, developments in afghanistan, the israeli/palestinian conflict, the danish. Religious violence in nigeria refers to christian-muslim strife in modern nigeria, which can be traced back to 1953 today, religious violence in nigeria is dominated by the boko haram insurgency , which aims to impose sharia on the northern parts of the country.

the hostile relations between christians and muslims in nigeria Nigeria's population is roughly evenly divided between christians and muslims, with muslims dominant in the north and christians in the south while in many parts of the country, muslim-christian relations are amicable, religious violence has flared in some parts of nigeria resulting in many casualties.
The hostile relations between christians and muslims in nigeria
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